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I never really done this for you guys, I thought you would all like to see.

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My Bass Set up (Different set ups for the size of the event)

Acoustic 136 combo's and Ampeg Svt 8x10



My Yamaha 1970's G-50 A ( fingers are just way to big to play anything else)



1965 Fender Jazz Bass by Certain Bass (built to 1965 specs)



Alamo Bass/ Guitar amp. 20 Watts great practice amp as well as church amp. It plays and performs like a (fender) Champ

no pun intended.



I also have a 70's Epiphone bass amp that's at church and i'm having another bass built as we speak.

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You need an Alembic bass.

See an Alembic bass is a lifetime investment.

Think of it as a life investment..pass it on to your kids(assuming you have some that is).

An Alembic is for life and not just for Christmas!!!





I would love to get one Cali-man. I just don't have $6,000 to spend to get one (I might be exaggerating), you have a nice one, I love the body shape.

How much did you spend to get that one built?

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I bought that at Guitar Center in Santa Ana, CA for $1,500 plus tax in 1987.

You can find them for a reasonable price if you're looking.

Check out the Alembic Club for some great deals. Ebay has them come up all the time.

Mine is the Spoiler. 5-String, Medium length neck. Seven-piece neck with Purple Heart.

The quilt top is killer. One of the best I've seen on any guitar anywhere.

I'm told mine could sell between $1,750 and $2,500 because of its' craftmanship.

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Thundergod' date=' where do you find these avatars? This current one's by far THE creepiest one you've come up with.[/quote']


Looks like from the movie Hellraiser...the original


Nice setup Bässhole, so you are into vintage gear as well eh?

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