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Your guitar purchase history?

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The only thing harder than remembering all the guitars I've bought would be remembering all the women I've 'known'. I am down to two guitars and one woman. I do remember the first guitar that I bought was a 1976 Ibanez goldtop Les Paul. A solid guitar.



Guitars is one thing but I do remember all my girl friends all of them. Guitars and music are great but a woman what a work of art. God you devil. :P

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We gotta hide this thread from Retro... His'll take up 3 or so pages


LOL only three pages what you just want the highlights or what I currently own?


First new guitar I owned Gibson 77 L6-S


Most recent 2009 James Trussart - SteelDeville Dragon


In between those two - several hundred guitars, including the 80+ I currently own.

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not a whole lot compared to you guys but...


some cheap yamaha acoustic my mom bought me at costco. i still play this thing and it still sounds great (powered by nostalgia).


a yamaha aes620, my first ever electric guitar.


my first big boy guitar was a gibson les paul standard 2004. amazing guitar.


then i bought what is the queen of my collection: a 1960 gibson les paul custom standard. a great guitar... but so scared to touch it!


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In order:


-No name, small-scale acoustic guitar (present from uncle and grandmother when I was 5 ('87))


-Fender DG 8 acoustic/crap guitar (present from dad when I was 8 ('91))


-1964 Kent Student-model, hallow-body electric guitar (grandfather's guitar, given to me when I was 12 ('94))


-Slammer Pacer/My first electric guitar (present from mom when I was 15 ('97))


-Epi S-500 (present from mom when I was 17 ('99))


-Epi LP Standard Plus (first guitar I bought myself, with the first two paychecks from my first real job, when I was 19 ('02))


-Alvarez Dana 2 electric guitar (given to me [for free] by a neighbor ('04))


-Fender MIM "Splatter" Strat (purchased in '04 from MF (BIG MISTAKE!))


I actually still own all of these guitars, except the Fender acoustic which I sold in '95. I wouldn't mind selling a few more to be able to afford a GLP, but that'll never happen!#-o

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Here's my list:

1. Started out with a POS acoustic. Got it for $1.00 from a guy down the street.

2. Upgraded to another POS Grandpa Pidgeon Special electric guitar.

3. Finally could afford something, got an Electra Omega.

4. Bought a cheap "Bentley" black acoustic and a 12-string. Still own the 12-string, but don't play it (action too high & I don't feel like investing anything into it for a set-up, so it sits.

5. Improving on the acoustic level, I bought an Ovation (Still own but someday will upgrade to an acoustic electric). Traded in the black Bentley.

6. Got serious and traded in the Electra Omega for a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe goldtop. (sold it too soon)

7. After a long drought without a guitar, I bought an entry level BC Rich Warlock just to have an electric guitar again.

8. Couldn't take it anymore, and bought my Current one and only Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique GOW #2 Fireburst shown below.




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OK. I'll bite:




Squier Strat -- first pawnshop guitar. What a piece! Sold.

~1989 Peavey Electric, similar to Adrian Vandenbergh model-- Sold

~1991 Ibanez RG550 (paint-matched headstock): Never should have sold this one.

~1991 Kramer Eliot Easton: model 3, I think. Strat body with Tele layout and 5-pos switch. Still have it.

~2001 Yamaha AES1500B Hollowbody: Wonderful guitar, second only to my LP. Still own.

Seagull Cedar Acoustic/Electric -- Still own

~2003 Ibanez S470 -- sold...I got tired of double-locking tremolos

~2004 Ibanez Jet King -- looks like a pawnshop prize. Amazed at the guitar you can get for $200 these days!

~2005 MIJ 72(?) Strat Reissue, Swamp Ash -- purchased in Tokyo. Great guitar for the price. Still own.

2008 R8 in Iced Tea -- I have come to the promised land!




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Since this is the Les Paul part of the forum, I will only do my Lester history...


1978 - POS fake sundurst LP copy bought for $25 from school chum. I liked that it looked like Jimmy Page, but no sound came out of the pickups. Since I didn't have an amp I did not care about this.


1980 - Brand new "The Paul" bought from two school chums who worked at a music store and hid it out back when it came off the truck.


1988 - Les Paul Custom (1986) ebony w/gold trim (in the avatar pic). Sold it in 1992 and played only F**ders for a few years


1998 - Red sparkle top Epiphone Les Paul - kept it for a couple years, but never got a good sound out of it - went back to only F**ders for a few years until..


2007 - Brand new Les Paul Classic gold top. I bought this with my first National Board Certification bonus. I was very excited really happy to own a new LP again -- until Tim told me it was chambered. Now I hate it. (Just kidding, I still play it a lot. I ditched the ceramic pups for a set of Duncan Pearly Gates and threw in some reissue bumblebee caps. I use it for all standard tuning songs that warrant an LP sound).


2008 - Inherited my father-in-law's 2005 Standard faded tobacco. This one is set up for slide these days - higher action and tuned to open Eb.

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Here's an oddball I still have, purchased for $200 and actually a great guitar. Quality work very nice woods made by a guitar maker in the Bay Area named Lowery in 1976.


If this was a Gibson I could sell it and get a Lamborgini.




Here's a shot of a guy playing that 1976 Explorer which I bought new when they came out. Huge baseball bat neck which was great.



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Lol because in New York you're lucky if you get to find somebody who can actually play! I use to live there and only knew 1 person who knew how to play and owned their own guitar LOL

WHAT!!?? I'm originally from NYC,and the worst musicians up there could blow away the top pickers here in Florida. BTW what was his name?

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Well, I've owned too mant guitars to list them all (mostly 60's SG's,70's Strats & Teles.) So I'll list the BEST guitars I've ever owned--My 2 current Fenders ('73 original Strat,blonde w/maple & tremolo,89 Custom Shop Tele,dead ringer for Roy Buchanan's Tele) My '77 Guild D-50, and a white Mary Ford 2 PICKUP 61 SG custom. That guitar screamed like a woman on fire! Sold it about 35 years ago in NYC,and about 3 years ago I got a call from a guy on Long Island . He had bought the guitar from someone (prolly 1 of many owners) And it was painted DAY GLO ORANGE! He was having it professionally restored to original specs & found my name & adress & phone number which i had written on the back of the control cavity plate,a common practice many musicians I knew did. Through the magic of the internet, he tracked me down here in Florida. By coincidence he was coming down to visit his sister here in Florida,so he came over to the house, & I told him the whole history of the guitar from my point. I bought it around '73 or '74 from Alex Music on 48th st. in NYC. I think I paid around $250 for it. I remember taking the Long Island railroad home that day,and opening the case every few minutes to look at the most beautiful guitar I had ever seen. White Mary Ford 2 (yes,2) pickup SG Custom,around '61. And,when I finally got home & plugged it in,it would not stop sustaining! My cousin in W. Virginia has a pic of me playing it at his house around '74,and whenever I visit him,I always make him show me the pic. Bevels from hell, and an American $1 gold piece was inlaid into the pickguard. Don't remember what happened to it, or who or to whom or why I sold it,but that was one of the few things that I always regretted selling. Although I love my '61 SG,it cannot compare with and is not even in the same league as my Mary Ford.

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Very short list for me.


Girlfriend bought me a Johnson Strat replica for my 20th birthday (10 months ago) Haven't put it down since, 1 month ago got a SanteFe Acoustic from my dad, yesterday the girlfriend bought me a 1982 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe and an Epiphone Les Paul Casino Goth (Floyd Rose patent) which is supposed to be for my 21st bday which is 2 months away, but I already got them :-s love the puppy dog eyes

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Got to go way back for this:


Kent guitar (unknown model)




Yamaha (unknown model)




Ibanez RG550

Gibson LP Studio


Traded the LP Studio for a Jackson Fusion Pro (it was 1993, that's my only defense)


Traded the Ibanez for an Ibanez Acoustic that I still own to this day


Traded the Jackson for a Fender Tex-Mex Strat

Bought a Fender Big Apple Strat (still own it)


Sold the Tex Mex, acquired and sold a Harmony Rocket

Bought a Nashville Deluxe Tele


Bought an Agile 2500


Sold the Agile, bought a Gibson LP Standard (Still own)


Sold the Tele, bought a b-Bender Tele


Bought a Jackson Dinky, sold the Jackson Dinky


Sold the Tele, Bought a Gibson SG (Still own)


Bought a Gibson Hummingbird Artist (Still own)

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Kent guitar love it. They had those at Lafayette Electronics in Brooklyn. Jeesh were they even american made. I remember the finish lacquer wasn't too bad, maybe a problem with action though. wild


Actually my very first guitar was a Harmony Monterey $35 new that I put a pickguard pickup combination on from Lafayette Electronics. We played a battle of the bands doing two hot tunes of the times. Gloria and Last time by the rolling stones. We lost :)


The band that won did Time is on my side stones, dust was the band you know they had Marky Ramone as the drummer and the guitarist and singer went on to produce Kiss. New Yorkers can play / they sure can make allot of money also.


Richie Wise / Kenny Kerner google them you'll see it ain't bull. :)

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First of all, started w/ some Goya dreadnaught (after bought by Martin) back in 1994 I think. Recently bought LTD F-400FM. added 12 inbetween, sold one and bought another. The count is back up to 14.



Bunch of ****ing EMG lovers here to...i wana move out!


OMG, dem00n, You can't post to ANY thread without talking about how much you hate EMGs. We heard you the first 5,000,397 times. Why don't you spend more energy and thought on pick ups you actually like?:- Go on. I dare you.=D>

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First of all' date=' started w/ some Goya dreadnaught (after bought by Martin) back in 1994 I think. Recently bought LTD F-400FM. added 12 inbetween, sold one and bought another. The count is back up to 14.





OMG, dem00n, You can't post to ANY thread without talking about how much you hate EMGs. We heard you the first 5,000,397 times. Why don't you spend more energy and thought on pick ups you actually like?:- Go on. I dare you.=D>


You first big man!

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Hi everyone ! This is my first post here, but I read the forums for a while before subscribing.


The first guitar I got was a small classical guitar to take my first lessons... I quickly wanted something electric, so two years after I had my first Electric.


It was an Ibanez Stagestar : Strat shape, HSS pickups, looked good, thought it sounded good, god was I wrong, POS tuners, POS pickups and poor tremolo, but still I had lots of fun and still have it but hot rodded now.


I then bought a Takamine G series accoustic guitar, sounded pretty good, but pretty cheap wood and thick finish made for a dull unplugged sound, sounded much better when plugged in.


Then I saw the light, I crossed paths in my local music shop with a Gibson Faded SG, great guitar for the money, and the neck is the best I had laid my hands on. That was 4 years ago, and just today I finally upgraded the bridge to a Tonepro / graphtech. I find the guitar to be more resonant now, and also changed tuners to orignal vintage Klusons.


I then bought a Boucher Native Goose Acoustic, handmade in Quebec, solid Spruce top. Beats any Martin I heard and played.


And my last was a Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster I had as a Birthday gift, good little guitar for the money.

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