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The best Les Paul model...


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The finest Les Paul was and is the 1970s Les Paul recording' date=' Les himself used one for many years.


I have one and can get absolutely ANY tone out of it I want.




Can't find fault here

I have a '69 Professional that cuts rings around any other guitar I've ever owned

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:- I personally love all LesPauls ever since the first time I ever saw one in 1975. You have to play what ever feels the best and sounds the best for you. For it is my 04' Les Paul 1959 Historic, R9. I feel like it was custom made just for me! The bigger the necks the better. Give mine a listen at http://www.myspace.com/srprules. That is my band SRP from Detroit. Thanks and Rock on. Peace

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Like so many others it's got to be the one that you feel best about -


For me it's my '71 Les Paul Recording model. I actually had the privelege to have it played and autographed by Les himself before he passed away. Similar to what he was using at The Iridium in NYC. I don't ahve a Bigsby as he did and mine is the very dark wood where his was more blonde. It was terrific to have hime play it for a few minutes and then autograph it for me - not only do I ahve the instrument but I had a friend take a oicture of him signing it and I then had an opportunity to have Les autograph the photo.


I still take it out for shows (rarely) but needless to say it's one of my most prized axes.

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It all depends. Are we looking for appearence? Or are we looking for playing?


Honestly, I believe the Studio is the best guitar for the money. Paying an extra $600 for binding doesn't seem worth it when the tonewoods and electronics are the same.


However, I love the way a Standard looks.




I'd buy a used Standard versus a new Studio...


But as far as $$$, I'd be happy with a Studio in Desert Burst with gold hardware....

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I choose my 2008 standard :-). It came with a perfect set up. The asymetrick neck on it is the best gibson have made, and i like the new tuners and the tonepros brigde.The Burstbucker pros pickups sound great in this les paul. The herritage cherry finnish looks just perfeckt. I like it without the pickguard to. DSCF2716.jpg

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Well that's a tough choice from my collection Hmmmmmmmmmmmm


1975 Les Paul Gold Top deluxe

1979 Les Paul Custom Cherry Sunburst

1965 Junior/SG Polaris White

2005 Les Paul Junior Vintage Burst

2007 Explorer Pro Heritage Cherry

2007 Les Paul Junior Nashville Series

2009 Nighthawk

2008 SG Classic heritage Cherry

2007 Melody Maker Joan Jett Series



1974 marshall MK II 50 w Head

1974, 1976 Marshall 4x12 Slant 25w 16 ohm Green Back Speakers

1985 ENGL Model 620 Tube Pre Amp

Lexicon MX 200

TC Electronics D Two

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Let's face it, it doesn't matter which LP you get. If it speaks to you then that's the one for you. All the other stuff id fluff. It doesn't have to be a re-issue, or a custom, or a standard. These are preferences to each individual player, they won't make you a better player, they look good but a good guitarist will blow away most away on a studio. It's a subjective thing and that's why there are so many models, choose the one that talks to you.

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I have had a few les pauls in different models. My favorite was my very first one. A 1974 gold top deluxe. I was told to never ever get rid of it by experienced players. But I did. And I still kick myself in the *** frequently when I think about it.

Since I have had the paul. Several standards and a couple of customs and even a 59 double cutaway special. But none compared to that very first deluxe. I would pay top dollar if I ever run across that one somewhere. it even had a number 2 stamped on it. It had a small hairline fracture near the tail. But it did not affect it in any way shape or form.

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