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The best Les Paul model...

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To attempt to name the best Les Paul model (and agree upon it, even) is folly.


You may as well ask 100 different bar patrons to name the best beer.


Or a thousand men to agree upon the best woman, ever.


I say, play them all, and enjoy every single one you can get your hands on.





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My avitar is R8. I was the caretaker of one for a few months to do a setup for a bud. I now understand why one spends that kind of money on an instrument. I haven't played a 59, but I imagine it would be similar. The funny thing. They guy who gave it to me to set up, didn't come to get it for almost half a year. Can you imagine? I wouldn't let that thing out of my line of sight for half a year.

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My avatar is R8....I now understand why one spends that kind of money on an instrument...

That's basically what I've been trying to convey in the "R9 vs LP Standard + PRS thread".

Once you understand what a really good LP Re-Issue is all about it puts everything else, guitar-wise, into proper perspective.



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I have owned many Gibson Les Pauls over the years, since the mid-1970's anyway, and I currently own and play two of them.


In my observation, and in my opinion, the very best Les Paul model is the one that you currently own and hold.

The one that plays great, sounds fantastic, and stays in tune.


Some believe that it's the one that you used to own, the one that you stupidly let get away.


Many have never owned a Les Paul at all, but would love to own one some day.

And they look to threads like this one to get some inspiration, and some idea about which is the best one, the Holy Grail.



To those guys and gals, I say this;

That guitar doesn't exist.


Every Gibson Les Paul has strong and positive features, and some sort of down-side or negative features.

Strong: Neck like butter, killer tone, fits me like a glove. So damned cool, it turns heads.

Down-side: Heavy, neck seems short compared to my Stratocaster. I only use it for certain songs.




My advice?


And don't listen to what anybody else has to say.


When you hold YOUR magic Les Paul, you will know it.

And after trying literally dozens and dozens of them, you will definitely know it.


She will sing to you.

She will feel just right.

She will stay in tune, and she will make magic tones in your hands.


Whatever model that turns out to be?

It doesn't matter.

Get it.


That's the one.




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I currently have two Les Pauls, my white studio, and a Epiphone plus top.

The two could not be more different and still be the same basic shape.

The necks are night and day different (A modern thin "D" shape and a 58 style).


But I am keeping both of them.





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And SG Player continues his oh-so-entertaining, now passive-aggressive, anti-Ephiphone campaign...

His posts in the Epiphone forum now are a lot milder. His mom must have gotten mad at him and told him to behave. . .

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Far and away the best Les Paul I ever played was my 25th Anniversary Les Paul.

I stupidly sold it years ago, hope it went to a good home.

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For me, the best model Les Pauls are the chambered LP Classics. I play rock and dig the higher output pickups and thinner neck profile. It doesn't weigh much and balance is no issue. Finally, it fit my budget better than most LPs. ;)

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Any fans of the 1979 Les Paul KM? I remember playing one of these new as 14-year old in a music store, and it was life changing.


Les Paul KM (“Kalamazoo Model”) -- The Les Paul KM model was made in the Kalamazoo plant in 1979, supposedly at the request of a southern sales district. The guitar was intended be a sunburst Les Paul that more closely approximated ’59 Standard specs. The guitar has exposed-coil, double-cream, T-top humbuckers, speed knobs, large, black side dot markers, a Nashville bridge, stop tailpiece, Grover tuners, wide binding in the cutaway, brown backplates, and “Les Paul K. M. ” engraved on the truss rod cover. The guitar has an unusually wide headstock and a volute and three-piece mahogany neck. The Gibson logo on the headstock has a closed “b” and “o,” and no dot above the “i. ” The first run had a “Custom Made” plaque loose in the case or mounted below the tailpiece. The guitar was available in Antique Sunburst, Natural, or Cherry Sunburst finish. Some flametops were reportedly made. A total of approximately 1,500 Les Paul KMs were made.





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