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The best Les Paul model...

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I recently bought a 2016 Swamp Ash les paul from American musical Supply and really like it. have not owned a Gibson for 40 years (sold my 65 SG in 1981 and bought a Takamine EF 360S which I still own). This is a very heavy Gibson and with a Bigsby is like throwing a cross tie over my shoulder but it really sounds and plays well.

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Pick a STANDARD, any STANDARD. Treat it right..... it will do you right....... for decades.


The poor guy with the Ultima II Quilt-Flame/Top.......it must really suck having to guard that thing.

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It's a very personal thing, I reckon.

Whatever feels good to you, and that which turns your head, won't necessarily do anything for me or the next guy.


I have owned a few Gibson Les Pauls over the years.


1971 Les Paul Deluxe, Gold top, from 1976 until 1978.


1996 Les Paul Studio, Ebony, from 1996 until 2012.


2001 Les Paul Studio, Copper Top, from 2013 until 2016.


2013 Les Paul Sully Erna Signature, Ebony with pearloid sun, acquired in 2017, still own it and play it.


2018 Les Paul Faded, Worn Bourbon finish, bought brand new last year, still own it and play it.


I love them all, and can't honestly say which one is my favorite, nor which one is 'the best'.

It's like any of us loving women, and having different wives and lovers over the years.

They all had their awesome qualities, and I loved each in their own way, but none were the very best of the lot.



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