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J-45 True Vintage production ceased !?


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I recently ordered a J45 True Vintage through my local Gibson dealer.

He just called saying that he got an email from Gibson USA stating that the J-45 TV as we know it is not produced anymore.

Instead they appear to have a new version available...but it's about $1000 more expensive.


Here are the details of this "new" model :


J-45 True Vintage RS4TPVSNH1

Solid red spruce top

Hide glued 1930's top bracing

Mahogany back and sides

Madagascar Rosewood FB & bridge

Banner headstock

Bone nut & saddle

Vintage tuners

Vintage sunburst VOS finish


I can't seem to find the difference between the "old" and "new" model, nor what justifies the higher price.



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While I have no knowledge of such a production change, I am not at all surprised that Gibson would change specs on the J45-TV and give it a new designation. Typical Gibson fare. Seems the acoustic line is altered more than the electric instuments. For example, the Les Paul Custom has had pretty much the same appointments from the introduction of the model, but the J200 has been through a myriad of changes in cosmetics over the years. What's up with that?

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I know that there was a difference between the J-45 True Vintage and the J-45 True Vintage Special Edition, which the latter had the Red Spruce top as opposed to the Sitka Spruce top. As far as ceasing production on the TV line, I would think not because of the sales on that series of guitars. A wonderful guitar at a decent price. And the TV line is as close to a vintage acoustic as you can get! I really love mine!!!

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