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Help identify this acoustic?


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I've recently borrowed a Gibson Acoustic guitar off a friend of mine. Its one of the nicest guitars I've ever played, to my ear anyway. My problem is, there are no identifying marks on the guitar other than "Gibson" written on the headstock.


Can anyone tell me what model it is???








The measurement for the body thickness is taken from the bottom of the guitar.


Any help would be awesome, cheers.


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If it sounds and plays good to you, then it's a good guitar. All that matters is what matters to YOU. I would love to add an LG-0 to my collection but the selling price of them is going up faster than my lust for one. A few years ago they were running $200-$300, now it's double that.


25 years ago George Gruhn called the Gibson ES-125 a "student grade instrument". Now you can barely touch one under $1000.


When the Strat market exploded in 1987 and pre-CBS Strats doubled in value (or more) all the experts said the 70s Strats were trash and always will be trash. Now $2000 70s Strats are commonplace.


I've got more guitars than I could ever play, and for the most part they're of quality that I don't deserve to own, if we make the connection between ability to play and quality of instrument. I'm not about to shed material possessions but if I had it to do all over again I wouldn't put so much emphasis on acquisitions.


Long winded way of saying if that LG-0 makes you play more and warms the cockles of your heart when you grab it by the neck, then it's worth a million dollars. A 1953 gold top J200 with Ted McCarty's eyebrow clippings as fingerboard inlays that sits in the case because it's "too pretty to play" is worth about the same as what my cats leave in the litter box.

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