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Gibson Les Paul Standard or Custom..

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What is the difference between them?

Is the sound different?

Which one is the best?

The best thing to do is try the ones that are in your price range. Play several of each. Once you found an LP that you hate to put down, buy it. This method worked for me each time I bought the two LP's I have now. When I bought a studio and a double cut through the mail, I ended up returning them.

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But what nech is better ebony or rosewood??

And what would you rather choose Standard' date=' Traditional or Custom???[/quote']



I think they are trying to tell you that their isn't an answer to that question. Its not whats better

or not, its what you like or not. Ebony and Rosewood are different but one isn't better then the other.


If you are buying your first guitar you shouldn't try to go with everyones opinions.

How would you like us to pick your next girlfriend?


Go and play some of these models and then tell us what you liked and didn't like.

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Hi Alek.This is the advice of someone who has been playing guitar for 43 yrs.You will know when you put the right one in your hand.Just by the way it feels in your hand and feels when you play it. I agree with the guys who said the standard ,the custom and the traditional are all great guitars.You just need to play a few of each and choose the one that feels like it belongs to you. I have always played Fenders and still do and love them very much.But have always wanted a Les Paul too and recently bought one myself.So I went through this a little while ago too.I had always thought I wanted the standard but ended up choosing a custom instead.Because it was the one that spoke to me and that I just could not bring myself to leave it behind.So go figure!You will just know.happy hunting.

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The custom has the same pickups as the studio model, a 490T / 498R combo - they'll give you an awesome AC/DC tone. I wasn't a big fan of that combo in my studio (changed them for 496R/500T). The standard has burstbuckers if I recall correctly.


Other than that, the custom is prettier.

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Main difference is the custom uses a ebony fingerboard and the Standard a Rosewood fingerboard. The Ebony sounds darker while the Rosewood adds brightness.


Are you sure ? However I feel my LPC is brighter than my R9. Actually if the sound is different I can't say why. LPC has a body weight relieved, has some others pickups, has a thinner neck and hasn't a long neck tenon. So is it really because of the fingerboard ?


To make a good comparaison we should play some LP with same spec. But it's impossible because LP with ebony FB haven't the same PU as LP with RW FB.

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