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hey fennrx...........

Gibson CS

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i contacted gibson customer service and turns out that only the 49x PUs can be purchased with 4 conductor wiring...so no BBs or 57 Classics. I read review after review and was gonna go with SD 59s, but guys on some other forums suggested ordering PUs from the boutique makers such as WCR, Wolftones, Robertson or WB. I ended up ordering the WB Hot Vintage Wound PAFs, which cost me only 200 bucks...which is lower than what the Gibson or even the SDs would have cost me.


Currently, I am impatiently awaiting the tracking info. :-&

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thats pretty cool, at least the process is starting

SDs seem very weak too me, like they scoop the mids or something

vintage hand wound though , it has to be good

if you got em in double cream that would be awesome

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