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Pickup Cover Sizing on LP Faded Standard Help...


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Hi all,

I want to put a pair of nickel covers on my LP Faded Standard and recall reading somewhere(I thought it was in this forum,but can't find it)that I would need to install 2 neck covers. Meaning obviously that the bridge pup will only fit a neck cover?

Is this true? Sounds weird to me. Why the hell would there be 2 different sized pups in the first place?!

So before I shoot off an e-mail to Gibson,could someone give me a heads up on this please.

Cheers & beers...

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Yup. Both neck spacing.

The reason there are two different spacings is because the strings are spaced slightly farther apart at the bridge than they are at the neck. I don't know why they went with 2 neck-spaced pick-ups on the faded Standard. I have a feeling the majority of their pickups are neck-spaced and the bridge spacing is the exception.


Anyhow, here's the part number...


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Nice picks junkie (I know I've drolled all over them before, but I just had to say it).


And of course, junkie was the first to do it/post it here, both pickups need the same (neck) cover size, I followed his instructions and bought those for my std.faded, it turned out great. Thanks junkie!

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You have some really nice guitars' date=' Junkie.


That's an interesting looking amp in that picture.[/quote']


The faded LP is long gone.


And not to hijack the thread, but I have an addiction to Beltone amps. The current theory is that they were made in Japan in the '60s (by Teisco?) and imported into Canada. Very cool sounding amps.


I own a couple more, but only have photos of two at the moment...





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I see you've got them on order already, but thought I'd post this anyway for anyone else in your shoes...


I went after market on my pickup covers because I wanted bare nickel. As such it was not as easy as just ordering "neck" and/or "bridge" covers. It took me two orders to get the 49.2mm pole spacing needed for my Faded Standard. The first time I ordered 50mm - close, but no cigar.



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Yeah,also got a bottle of Virtuoso polish on order too which really goes against my principles as I come under the - play 'em and leave 'em - category.

Very rarely do I clean my guitars unless they're that caked with finger snot that I've got no choice,excepting the strings and any spillages of course. But my gigging daze are many moons behind me now. I'm quite happy & content to record & **** around in my shed come studio so they don't really get that used and abused anyways.

So I mightn't even go through with the polishing yet. Who knows...they are faded standard after all. To polish 'em up might just be defeating the purpose?

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