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Its 11.30pm and the Tap Just Failed

Mr. Robot

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Just had a great 'moment' with my axe. You know the ones. I was in the zone. Had the Les Paul out, beer on the studio desk, and it all came together. i was in heaven.


Packed up and came down stairs. Went for a leak and Sh%t - the washer went on the hand basin.


No problem. turned the water off, went to the shed.


Tried to be mr. DIY, but it wasnt the washer. The whole bloody tap had siezed. Tried the RP7 - no way would the bloody thing move.


Scoured the shed. No spare taps.


Sitting here now, waiting for the 24 hr dude at 11.45pm and I have a big day tomorrow. He will charge me $250 before he walks through the door. The euphoria of my playing is gone, and I am brought back down to earth.



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