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going to see gary moore on sunday!!!!!

S t e v e

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hi all, i'm off to see gary moore at the shepards bush empire in london on sunday...and cant bloody wait!!!

see him three times in past two years and he never fails to please, iv'e loved his playing since the early 90's and he inspired me to pick up guitar about 12 yrs ago, anyone else on here from london going?


in the mean time here's a pic of my gary moore signature les paul (origanal 2000 model) =D>



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I've never seen him' date=' been a fan since the Victims of the Future days.


love the axe, too. Those are kinda hard to find. [/quote']


the GM lp was a limited run of 2000 made from 2000-2002, i got mine off ebay from a nice bloke in america

who was the original owner from new and it's in mint condition...stunning guitar! :-/

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