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Considereing switching out the 498T. Any suggestions

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Hey guys,


I'm considering switchin out my LP studios 498T for another pickup. The 498 just seems to harsh to me. (so why sit here gripin bout it righ?)


Lookin for a mildly distorted sound. Maybe a bit more than SRV


Any suggestions?


EDIT: up to $200 (American)

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What.............no one else plays with a hammer caisonally


Up until now that was Stevie's well-guarded tone secret. Seriously I would never strum with a hammer. A cheese knife off of the coffee table, maybe...


Anyway, the 490T is a slightly overwound humbucker that's kind of like the next step from '57 Classic to '57 Classic Plus. I have all three of those pickups in the bridge position of different guitars, so it's hard to compare, but the 490T has a little more midrange honk like you'd expect from an overwound pickup, it's just not up there in the high output, ceramic magnet, DiMarzio Super Distortion category. The 490T is part of the set of 490R/490T used on the Lucille model. You might be used to seeing 490R and 498T combo on Les Pauls but it seems you're trying to notch back a little bit from that, but you should be comfortable knowing there's another pickup that they make to be paired with the 490R.


Interesting you should make the SRV analogy. I prefer the Texas Specials or Custom Shop Fat 50's which are a little overwound, again giving some more midrange at the slight expense of sweetness or clarity in the trebles when playing clean. But hey, who plays clean anyway?

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