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(sort of) Ordered my custom made Thundercaster today


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I just came back from my luthier's place, asked him to build me a guitar=p~


He specializes in strat style guitars (which are the ones he plays onstage), but builds teles, Vs, Xs, and lesters too... he uses high quality fine exotic Ecuadorian woods, and his finishes are amazing. He happens to own a small shop and is the local distributor for dimarzio, dunlop, sperzel, and other cool brands, so it's easy to go in there and try everything.


I went in today and talked to him for a while, asked about shapes, specs, wood types and other stuff.


I picked a solid "amarillo" tele shape with vintage strat style headstock, U shaped birdseye maple neck. I haven't decided on the finish, hardware or electronics yet, but I know I want a humbucker in the bridge and a single sized pickup for the neck, I also will be using a piezo tele style bridge with the humbucker routing (rectangular hole).


I'll have to wait a week for him to have 5-7 wood samples for the body in there for me to chose, I'll go see some neck woods tomorrow and chose one.


Then 2 months for the him to do the magic and have the guitar ready for pickups, hardware and electronics.


He's gonna mail me some options for pickups and hardware during that time. As for finishes, I haven't decided yet but I think it's gonna be a solid color, maybe semi solid honey blond (this wood has a strong yellow tone), maybe some crazy 80s yellow or 60s-70s sparkle, or maybe some burst or plain black, at this point I cannot decide, but I'm open to sugestions.


I hope he finishes it before 2 months!



I welcome any sugestions about finish and electronics!

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Are you going with a maple fretboard or something else? For me, that makes a difference in finish. Personally, since you're going for exotic woods that are a bit yellowish in color, I'd go for some sort of dyed teal or washed greenish-blue... something like this would look sweet with a vintage tinged maple neck:




Or this:



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Is this an 'all out' guitar? Why don't you go nuts on a really high-end set of pickups? $300 & up!!



Hard to do where I am. I preffer to use stuff I can try first, you know, maybe what sounds great for the rest of the world won't sound like 500 bucks to me =D>


I will ask around at MLP for pickup options tho.

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I only wish I could custom order my own guitar...! Maybe in (lots of...) years. The only problem would be... the endless choices! As far as electronics are concerned, since you will put a humbucker in the bridge, definitely have a split-coil option. Why loose on versatility.


One of the humbuckers I would certainly be curious about is a Pearly Gates by Seymour, also think that would be very nice with your choise of style / woods.


Finally, on finishes, since I'm european, I will drop some ideas from european makers / custom shops. Here is something I can't get enough of (Duesenberg Guitars):





And from Sign Guitars Germany, have a look at their gallery for ideas:




I would recommend that you check the T-Bone (especially in that goldtop), looks closer to what you will be ordering.



I wish I helped a little. Good luck with the dream-guitar man!

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I've listened to them in a couple of guitars, but those had the p90 and humbucker option active only, I think there's a way to have the single coil option available too and that's what I would go for: neck position either humbucker or p90 or single, neck only a single coil, or maybe a p-rail too...

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Hard to do where I am.

Not an issue. You can wire me the money' date=' I'll buy it and send it to you. Do you think I'd actually rip you off? As long as it doesn't cost me any $$, I don't mind doing it. The Canadian dollar is still pretty good at $0.93 US but it's supposedly going to be on par again sooner or later.


I preffer to use stuff I can try first' date=' you know, maybe what sounds great for the rest of the world won't sound like 500 bucks to me :-[/quote']

Don't blame you there but I doubt you can go wrong with any of the hand-wound PAF wannabes. I bought both my Wolfetones unheard and all I can say is WOW!! Made the LP Custom 10 times better and also improved the R8. I would have probably sold the Custom by now if I didn't make the upgrades.

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