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Pickup Search?


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Hi, new here, as I am proud to say that after all of these years, I have searched and searched for the perfect guitar, and have finally found myself in the grip of a Les Paul... Thing is, I'm a bit torn between what to look for in a Les Paul Pickup.


Was wondering if you guys might let me in on a little of your knowledge.


I'm searching for that nice vintage tone, with yet a nice ability for scream, and though appearance is yet another aspect, I'd kind of like to go with the vitage or traditional gold covering.


I'm seeing several brands out there, and wondering what I should know to look for, and what to stay away from.


Several brands that I'm seeing are: Artec Alnico, or Belcat Alnico, Wilkinson, Eden, Hagstrom, and several others.


Anyone have any input on this subject?




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From big companies:


Seymour Duncan 59s, Seth Lovers , Antiquities

Gibson 57s Classics, BB 1/2 or BB Pros ( I like the Pros!)




WB Vintage Tuned PAFs (or Hot VTPAFs)

WCR Crossroads, Fillmores or Darkbursts

Florance Voodoos


I have also heard very good things about Wolftone Dr Vintage.

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Hey, Thanks for all of the help...


Yeah, I'd like to find something that would be very versitile, as far as my options would allow... I'd like to find something with that deep, Black Sabbath sound for all of the low stuff, and still have a nice Santana like tone for all of my single note tunes.


I guess it's not all that easy to find everything that you're looking for.


I've ran across that Bareknuckle site, and was curious as to how they sounded?


I'll have to check out some of the others you all have recommended, as well.


I'll let you guys know what I come up with. Then maybe you could let me know if I'm making a mistake or not.

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