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Hey everyone, I go to the house of guitars here in Rochester,N.Y. quite often and it still amazes me how they have vintage and new gibson guitars all the time. If your looking for vintage or the newest gibsons, sg's, les pauls, explorers, whatever, they have it, go there, you won't be sorry. What's great about them also is they will beat any price from anyone else whether it's online or in a magazine. They always have deals and they know there stuff. What's also cool is you never know who you might run in to while your there. A few months ago I was just going in to see the latest guitars they've gotten in and to just talk music with them and I walk in and who is standing there waiting to pick up a guitar he bought, Joe Stump. I don't care where you go you won't find a place anywhere in the world like the great House of Guitars.

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I've always heard good things and some bad things about the HOG. When I go there, I always get treated like I don't know my stuff and the last time I went there there was a kid working there who couldn't be more than 16 that didn't seem to know squat. I love the guitars at the place and the amps! The prices always seemed kind of high to me. Do they sell the product at a lower price than what is marked on the tags?

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The price on the tag is generally the list price, unless it has a sale tag. Half the stuff doesn't have a tag at all... you just have to know what it's worth, what you're willing to pay, and what you can expect to get it for.


It's not the place for a first-time buyer, unless they have help from someone who knows things.


As far as the staff treatment - show them what you know when you walk in, and they'll treat you accordingly. Otherwise their jobs are to make as much money off of unsuspecting people as possible.


It's one of my favourite places in the city. I've never had a bad experience.


Here's a video I made for class last spring:




The background music is the Epiphone forum's jerrymac. I'm not sure if he's here or not.

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It definitely seems like it has potential. WHen I walked in I was really curious about the Marshall's talking like I knew everything you can know about them and then I was talking about the amps I built mainly a jtm45 and I was playing one of the JTM45's there to compare to the one I built, the kid was treating me like I didn't know how to plug the amp in the cab and he had the amp set to 16ohms and plugged it in the 4ohm jack on the cab. I know how much they are worth but the kid working there told me it costs $2500, which I thought they were $1799, but I am sure it was just that one kid working there.


Great place to try out any equipment you can pretty much think of though.

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I bought most of my guitars from the HOG. I actually live in Buffalo but make the trip there when I can (it's only about 1 hour drive). Bruce gave me unbelievable deals. For example, he sold me the Premium Plus Les Paul for $2,100 when GC and all the other big name dealers wanted $3,000. This past summer he sold me the figured 339 for $2,200 when others wanted $3,200. I do have a pretty good contact (I know someone who knows Bruce well), but from I hear these deals aren't too far off from what they normally give a customer.


I remember my first visit there. When I walked in I saw Bruce and told him that I was interested in a Gibson. I didn't mention my contact though, just to see how I would be treated. He was extremely nice. After we talked for a while he said "here is our Gibson salesman and I'll let him give you more details." Honestly, this "kid" wasn't older than 22 years old, but he knew EVERYTHING about Gibsons. I was very impressed.


One bit of advice is to go there when the Gibson rep is visiting. Although I didn't do this, I've heard that you can squeeze an extra $100 off directly from the rep. Also they have nearly every amp ever made, so you can try out guitars on a variety of amps. Anyhow, this place is like no others and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area.


Here are some pictures:







Also, here is Zakk Wylde there...



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