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So, a couple weeks ago my wife and I ran into some financial trouble.


I am very blessed to be able to devote most of my time to music instead of working a full-time job, while my wife works very hard to do most of the providing because she fully believes in and supports what I am doing.


Being fortunate enough to own four Gibsons, I knew what I had to do. 'Somebody' had to go.


I have strong emotional attachments to my SG and Explorer (the latter being my wedding gift). My latest acquisitions being my dream LP Goldtop and a Guitar of the Week 2007 Reverse Flying V.


Both of which are INCREDIBLE guitars, despite what anyone says the Reverse V was a staple in my arsenal (not to mention a unique one).


But because my Goldtop has become my #1 and the forefront of my sound, I was forced to say goodbye to the Reverse V and listed it on eBay last week.


It's long gone now, and I'm still feeling pretty bummed out about it.




*holds up a bottle of Jack*


...here's to anyone who has ever had a love lost, whether it be a flesh-and-blood one or the six-stringed kind. :-)


Who else ever had to part with a 'loved one'?

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I feel for you buddy. Our guitars become part of us.

I was in the same boat years back. In my case I had to sell my Monte Carlo SS.

Im older now and I know that our lives can change in a heartbeat...sometimes for the worse, but

hey...sometimes for the better!


Hang in there my friend and trust me when I say this...

The good does catch up to the bad.

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Hey Ian, sorry to hear about the reverse V....Those things were WEIRD with all caps...But very cool. I saw the pic when it was up for its week on the Gibson site. Wish I could have seen one in person.


PS: I sent you PMs. Give me a ring and we'll jam O:) I want to hear what that Goldtop and Explorer sound like.

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i traded my red BFG for a marshall jcm 800 2210 (the zakk wylde amp)

im not regreting the trade, because the BFG was a lemon from gibson (the only lemon ive ever had)

but still, a guitar is like you firstborn son

its special , important, and requires alot of time



............................. xcept you can adopt another kid






uh oh

politically incorrect joke




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Sorry to hear that. I'm letting go of a few of my girls tonight on the bay. I'm easy to fall in love and usually take em home when I do but alas I need to pay off credit/car/student loans and work for a house.


I've lost one in the last month and four more go up tonight. I'm not mentioning names because I prefer not to think about it but I'm hanging on to my Little Lucille. She's too good to me to let go. And yes family and friends don't get it.

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