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Too good to be true?


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Go play with the kiddo's ******.


It' not a fake at all...


At least the picture is a REAL Deluxe.

He knows what im talking about.

We know the trick steal a pic of a real from a website and put a ad saying you have that guitar and sell it for really cheap.

You dont got to be such a **** all the time.

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The serial number checks out to be made in 1967 apparently? Not 1969....my old man had 78 deluxe and he thinks its legit...but who knows til ur holding the real thing right?

If its a Reissue it would be made in 2000-2005 and the pirce would be true to it.

Also no goldtops delxue werent made in 67 only in 69, unless its one without the mini buckers.

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ya that's what i was thinking..the mini humbuckers aren't usually copied from what i've seen....

Mabye the guy would ship a fake goldtop with full humbuckers?

I dont know...mabye someones wants to waste $900 to see what happens?

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