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Do you like Gold hardware?


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I like it. I like it a lot.

It does depend on the finish of the guitar. I've seen red with gold that looked good and white with gold that looked good and well black, duh!


And Murph is right as rain.


I like the way it ages. It's classy when it's new. And better when it ages......Just like a woman......[-o</




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It's just like some movies and books and plays - and music - that you don't really "get" when you're under 40 or so.


I remember an airplane ride sitting with a lovely Shakespeare prof and we were discussing his plays as "lit" to be in high school and college standard courses. I noted that I didn't care for King Lear at all compared to stuff like Macbeth or something reeeeeally bloody and nasty like Titus Andronicus. (Special effects on stage in the truly old days had fake blood splattering all over the place in Titus.)


Her comment was simply to ask at what age I read Lear. I was but 17. That, she said, was the problem and although it was a parallel with Oedipus at Colonus (Sophocles), which was studied in parallel in my high school, one simply is too young to "get it."


Benj. Franklin, you may recall, wrote in praise of mature women. You, as a youth, see in girls of your general age group subconsciously as holding a set of mind and blossoming of physical maturity a reflection of yourself, your energy and discovery of the world of "adulthood." We, as men somewhat older, see ladies of our own age group as reflections of our own growing maturity and perspective and, much as we appreciate the appearance of youth, appreciate far more the woman our own general age to mirror ourselves as well.


That was beyond my comprehension at 15 as it is with most of us at that age.


At my age now, heck, I tease the cute (from my perspective) 40-year-olds that are your mother's age that they're young enough to be my daughters.


I'll never forget "losing" a lovely girlfriend when I was 20 and she some few months from 18 but still in high school. Now? Heck most folks figure we're "the same age." But then, it was a gap incapable of being bridged.


By the way, I think girls see things similarly. Interestingly the yin and yang of male and female that bring attraction do not stop at 25, 40 or 70, but will instead tend to manifest themselves rather differently.


As for those wrinkles... <chortle> I strongly recommend you read Franklin's little treatment of the subject. It won't teach you much now, but, little brother, believe me that you'll remember it in years to come.


What makes a girl a girl at 14 or 24 is still there at 64 and, to me, is even better because of a greater confidence. It's like guitar playing - self confidence and not sweating the small stuff makes for much better music. Believe me, if I hadda be stranded on a desert island with a girl, I'd much prefer she be over 50, in shape, able to smile and a tough enough lady to see the challenge instead of the problems. But then, I'd hope she'd see that in me...



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Hey Doc...


Yeah... Actually the only "gold trimmings" I have are the tuning machines on that old Ovation E-A "Legend" from the 1970s, though.


I've actually known one or two younger women whom I really liked as equals even though their life experience wasn't quite there. But then in both cases they were very, very bright.


Gold plating - the real thing - on guitars should hold fairly well except on the tuning pegs over the years. I think one reason a lot of the older guitars had some sort of plastic there was because the long-term rubbing of fingers on an electroplated bit of gold is simply too much to last forever.


But then, too... I guess it's always been the overall "feel" of a guitar that sold me on a particular instrument rather than specifically the looks and especially whether it's gold plated, chromed or whatever.



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