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Humidity control


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I was going to post the same question today. Out in Alberta it is super dry especially in the winter. In the care instructions for the guitar was the first I'd ever heard of a humidifier for guitar cases. What are the available types of these, or major brands? What should I expect to pay?



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All of my guitars are in the same room with electronically controlled humidifier / dehumidifier.


As far as in case I really liked Humidipaks before they got recalled. Luckily, I had some which were out of the recall

run to continue to use in my J160E for the time being. Thoss used to come as a set of 3, but I do put 1 in each of my LP & SG cases.

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I live in the Midwest. Hot summers and cold winters.


I know about all that jazz about letting your guitar sit in the case for a while when changing environments with different temperatures, etc.


But is this something I should be doing for my guitars?

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I live in Phoenix.

It gets dry here, but maybe not as bad as the midwest where dry winters with WAY cold temps mean your heater runs all the time.


I bought a humidifier from Hunter, called a NiteGlo, about five years ago and I use it to keep humidity above 35%.

45% is usually the ideal and you can normally maintain that by keeping moisture in the house from showers, cooking, etc.


I never use exhaust fans when the shower is running, and use the fan on the A/C to circulate air.

Cooking ANYTHING puts moisture in the house, so use the hood over the stove only when needed.


When it's really dry, it can't keep up with a 2,000 square foot house so I just boil a pot of water on the stove.

That helps put moisture back into the air.


I fear humidity and temp swings more than anything else, try to keep the house relatively constant.

Down side, I rarely open any windows.

Buy a good digital temp/humidity indicator, or better yet get two.

They are not terribly accurate, so compare readings between them.


I have three in my house and they are rarely within 3 degrees or 5% of each other.


If you have musical instruments you love, pay attention.

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