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New smilies :D


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Available Smilies

Code Smile Meaning

#-o d'oh!

:- Whistle

:-# Silenced

:-$ Shhh

:-& Sick

:-({|= Boo hoo!

:^o Liar

:-k Think

:-s Eh?

[-( Not talking

[angry] Angry

[biggrin] BigGrin

[blink] Blink

[blush] Blushing

[bored] Bored

[cursing] Confused

[cool] Cool

[crying] Crying

[cursing] Cursing

[drool] Drool

[flapper] Flapper

[glare] Glare

[huh] Huh

[laugh] Laugh

[lol] LOL

[love] Love

[mad] Mad

[mellow] Mellow

[-o< Pray

[omg] OhMyGod

[razz] Razz

[drool] RollEyes

[sad] Sad

[scared] Scared

[sleep] Sleep

[smile] Smile

[sneaky] Sneaky

[blush] ThumbDown

[wub] ThumpUp

[tongue] Tongue

[unsure] Unsure

[wink] Wink

[woot] Woot

[wub] Wub

[-X Shame on you

:D/ Dancing

](*,)' Brick wall

+:-@ Bla Bla

=; Speak to the hand

=D> Applause

=P~ Drool

8-[ Anxious

O:) Angel

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