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Show us your music room!

Wally Walrus

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Nice pics guys...


Dave' date=' do you play keyboards too? That's something I need to learn![/quote']


BTW... Your studio looks very cool!!! I play a bit of keys. Enough to compose my own stuff but not good enough to play in a group or anything... I play by ear and am self taught....

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Nice Rooms and some real colorful area's especially Thundergod looks like a box of crayons threw up!


here's mine although it's not as clean as some of yours especially Surfpup (Very Zen) and good luck with the ceiling fan they cause me several dings per year. :-



Cased Guitars


Guitar Wall


Drums and rack


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[quote=StiffHand]Here is mine, I am still trying to figure out how to insulate the windows, I will have some free time later this month so I'll get to it.


I've thought & read about this too and am gonna try cutting out to shape old thick blankets and attaching with velcro adhesive strips. Won't be pretty,but it'll suffice and will also be removable. Can always dye em too I guess.

My biggest problem is the sliding garage door. The only thing I've done so far when laying down vox is hanging up make shift gobos. Money's always at the heart of everything,so I use what's at hand.

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Yep. Know about that one. Thing is,my windows aren't part of a house(if you follow me)so don't have to look good or pleasing to the eye. But I just may find some MDF I have laying around and attach a couple of handles to it for easy removal. But then again,sounds like too much work,I always look for the easy way out. We'll see...

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