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What do you do when you have bad days?


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I tell you guys, whenever I have a particularly bad day I first ask my 8 year old son to make me laugh. He never fails me, then I lock myself in my guitar room, plug in to my new Marshall half stack, and let it all out. After a couple of hours, I exit the room a new man.


Thank God for music and 8 year old sons who aspire to be comedians!

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Share the wealth.


If you have a bad day due directly to the actions of another person - make theirs twice as bad....





If nothing else, they decide that you are a colossal d!ck and refuse to interact with you in the future.

Problem solved, lessons learned, the world is a better place.






I usually sleep it off if I can.

With my nutty schedule, I find fatigue and anger tend to feed each other.

Gotta break the cycle as soon as possible.

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