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Funny moment on the highway today

Tim Plains

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a piece of cardboard that read "just divorced" with a martini glass beside it.

Been there.


I can empathize.

Once it's settled' date=' final and over your life can begin again.


At least he had a car to drive, many men don't.

Don't get me started....




The ONLY thing that even comes close to divorce for [i']needlessly[/i] destroying personal finances in the United States is the taxation policies regarding deaths, inheritance and gifts.

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... I have met in the last 10 years some ladies who make mad money and the guy stays home and takes care of the house/children etc.... Now if I could find someone like that; stay home play guitar and not work...


Thats the life


Yeah, that's the kind of woman I need to meet. And, besides her being wealthy, it would benefit me, personally, a lot if she were also hard of hearing and couldn't see very well.

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Funniest.. or saddest thing I ever saw on the road:


About 10 years ago, I was minding my own business trying to get on the main thorough fare through town. When a late model, bright yellow, Chevrolet Corvette, came whizzing by. As it happens, it was my opening in the traffic to pull out. I was right behind the 'Vette and noticed the top was down and a young, long haired blonde was at the wheel. I also spied the license plate: "WAS HIS". =P~

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