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1985 DC-XPL Ferarri Red


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Searching "the interwebs" I didn't find much about this guitar. Thought I'd post some details as I get into cleaning it up. Plz excuse the crappy phone photos. Lost my camera drivers, desktop, etc in a housefire - long story.




Color is described as "Ferarri Red", but "Fire Red" is stamped under paint in neck route.




Unusual color is cool, but the carved top is cooler. Symetrical double cut is model specific.




Surprized the Kahler route was cut after the top was sprayed. Bare wood. Sure makes the maple cap visable though.




Gibson applied the PAF stickers to surrounds instead of pups on some Tim Shaw equiped guitars. Pickups are stamped 372 285 neck & 373 185 bridge. I'll be pulling these surrounds to protect the stickers.




Cover plate screws looked untouched.




Plate, pots, solder joints, wiring, switch, jack.. all untouched and virgin. I'd really like to do the RS pot and cap upgrade to see what's hidden away in the Shaw pups, but I'm not sure my conscience will let me cut up a "survivor".




Fuzzy phone pic doesn't clearly illustrate, but if you squint real hard you can make out "Switchcraft" on the jack shield cup.




Headstock's not quite where I want it yet, but it's coming up nicely.


Seems to be some debate about whether these were a legitimate LP variant, or a Spirit. This is a bound carved maple cap over mahogany guitar. IIRC Spirits all had Junior or Special type flat front bodies. I've gotta come down on the LP side m'self. More photos to follow as I get this one buttoned up.


Think it's gonna be a nice one.



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