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Ugliest Guitar Thread

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Can't top that. That is absolutely the ugliest stringed instrument ever.


Also, I just wanted to say how much I love the fact that your name gets censored whenever anyone quotes you. It's hilarious.

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sorry but I gotta agree the pedophile mannequin is bad but at least it's a one of a kind the reverse V is a the winner only thing I can imagine worse is a holy reverse V so Gibson probably has that in design now...


Ive heard several people talk about how comfortable the reverse V is to play sitting down but sadly I'll never know I couldn't bring myself to play one.

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Forget the reverse 'V' that's down to personnel taste but the Mannequin is just odd but not as odd as the 'player' I bet on a 'good night' he spins the guitar around with no hands...and his wig flies around giving the image of a brown frizzy halo (I hope it isn't someone on the forum if so get some frizz ease before you play your scary girl-tar).

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