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talk about depressing...................

Gibson CS

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so im here on vacation in wonderful newport beach CA


with no guitar >=P~

i havent played in 5 days, so when i go home, ill REALLY be able to pull of some jimmy page;)

super sloppy!!!



because girls in bikinis can only be as pleasing as playing guitar for sooo long....


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My Daddy told me when I was a young 'un;

"Women are like telephone poles, there's usually another one right up the road."


Your guitar, now THAT is something special.



Of course, I've been married four times.....

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One word...


Yamaha makes them.

Its a little bigger then a Ukelele, and has 6 nylon strings.

Youre not going to rock out with it, but its great for taking along and strumming.

It kind of holds you over untill you can get to your Gibson.


I take it with me when we go on vacation.

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that sux.i go on a LOT of mission trips for my church' date='and most are for a week.after a couple of days im DYIN for a guitar to play.O:) but,this summer im bringing a guitar.(i might be able to impress a girl i like at church).=D>O:) O:) [/quote']


A guy I work with carries a Traveler Speedster when he's on the road. Personally I apply the three day rule; if I'm going to be gone for more than 3 days, I bring my guitar. I have found it is not that big of a deal to put it in the overhead.


Here is the Traveler Speedster Actually sounds pretty good through a headphone amp.

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Or you could go to the softer side and get of these:




Best little travel guitar out there, not so expensive that you worry about throwing it around, but all solid woods, no laminates or artificial plastic stuff! Mine's in my truck anytime I'm gone for more than 12 hours!

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