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J-45 True Vintage (TV) 2009 : what's new ?


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I'm considering buying a Gibson J-45 TV.

One of my local music shop has got one in store ready to go.

Though I noticed that Gibson recently replaced (upgraded ?) it to the "2009" model.

This one is only available on order (2-3 months) and is around 10% more expensive.

If I'm not mistaken, the main difference is the adi red spruce top.


Would anyone know more on this new model and is there any more differences that make the new model more attractive ?

Is it worth considering the new model over the previous one ?





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Hi Samuel,


I just got one [confused]

I believe along with the adi top, the braces (if not more?) are glued with hot hide glue. Other than that I'm not sure.


Basically it's the same guitar as the 2008 special edition TV




P.S. I will be posting pictures when I have time to take them instead of playing it!

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Thanks for the info Chris. I'm really looking forward to see your pictures and read your comments on that guitar.


Well, right after I posted my message I got a message from Gibson Europe replying to an email I posted 2 weeks ago.

Here's the answer :


Dear Mr L.,


Thank you for your interest in Gibson guitars. The J-45 True Vintage from 20009 has mainly the same specs like the model from last year, however the finishing process of the guitar is different. We apply now the V.O.S. finish (Vintage Original Specs) to the J-45 TV. This is a procedure which makes the guitar look like a vintage guitar that has been built decades ago and always been kept in a good condition. Nitrocelulose finish gets a distinctive look when a guitar ages and the V.O.S. finish is a recreation of this look.


V.O.S. finishing requires some very special processes in the production and the price of the J-45 TV V.O.S. is likely to be higher in the shop. However, the price difference should be nothing like amounting to $1000, or even nearly that difference. For a more exact price indication you can contact your dealer, or call several dealers, if you wish to compare prices. You can easily search for the closest authorized Gibson dealer in your surroundings from the following link:




I hope the information is helpful to you. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again or refer to our webpage at www.gibson.com


Kind regards,

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