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Finished sanding my old epi, help me chose the finish color


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Hi guys, as i said on previous posts, i still own the first electric i ever had, so, this year for her 15th birthday, i decided to re-finish her... i just ended sanding her today and got a nice surprise when i found out this "cheapest of the cheap" epi special, had a very nice looking top underneath all the paint.


So now i have to decide which color to paint her... here are the options (in the same order as in the poll).




















So what do you guys think?


When i finish her i'll post pics (maybe next monday).


I was forgeting... the guitar is the white epi with the reflective stripe i have posted a lot of times...

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I like the way the lavaburst brings out the wood tones. Might depend on what the Epi looks like when it's stripped... how much natural grain there is. More grain and I'd go lava, less and I'd go vintage....


So either or... the vintage and lava were my top 2 :-k

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P90Pete... what are you talking about? hehehe


No man, i dont have a daugther, its my epi who is 15 this year... so ill refinish her as i'm planning on gigging again and she has to be my backup guitar (when i read your post... i was like wtf????)


deepblue, i like gren a lot too...

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it would look weird to have my own face painted on my guitar' date=' man... [-X [/quote']


It would, wouldn't it! You could always put Jimi's on it:




That's Slim from the Hamsters by the way.


I voted for the lavaburst.

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