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Suddenly Noisy R9


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Well, hmmh, noise is always a challenge but I'm suddenly getting allot of single coil type noise out of my R9 unless it is completely horizontal. You know as you play especially standing up and you move the neck up relative to the body => NOISE!


Not the cable.

My other HB guitars are quiet.

My Strat will do this, though not as bad and so will my CS6 and 200T if I split the coils but again not as bad as the R9 is behaving.


So, something inside has come loose? As I go vertical with the neck it has more of a antenae effect hence more noise? Plug jack is nice and tight at least.


Does this mandate a trip to an authorized service center or can I pop the covers and debug without voiding the warranty?

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OK, I'll try a serious answer. I've heard from other people that it could be a static electricity issue and that it becomes more noticable in fall and winter because the air gets drier. There could be some truth to that, because I've noticed my Studio also sometimes makes a stranges "creaking" type sound when it's plugged in and I move it, but it only happens during the fall and winter months :-k


And Tim's right, I am jealous [confused]

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No, this is typical humm buzz that you hear from single coils. If I split the coils on my Carvins, I'll hear the same noise, though not as bad as my R9 has suddenly become. My single coiled Strat has the same noise but again quieter than my R9. And if I am sitting down playing my R9 completely horizontal, it's even quiet. The minute I raise the neck relative to the body, sitting or standing, the noise starts and it's pretty bad. Doesn't matter what cable I use. All high dollar monster cables.


If I play my Carvins in HB mode or my Lifeson with its 57s = QUIET.


And :- yes I play my R9 regularly. Thank you very much! I am scared to leave the house with it though . . . :-({|=


I'll pop the covers tonight and see if I see anything obvious like a ground wire that's come loose. Otherwise, I'll have to take it into my local service center and get *****ed out again because I didn't buy it there. Of course, I couldn't buy this R9 there, they couldn't get it . . . but that's beside the point.

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Well, guess what? For those that care . . .


It was a preamp tube. Now don't ask me why my R9 was so sensitive to it and none of my other HB guitars were but that's what it was. My two Carvins would Humm Buzz when I split the coils and of course my Strat would but my Carvins in HB mode and my Lifeson were quiet . . . at least until I put my Lifeson solely on its bridge pup, now a 57 Classic Plus, so a little hotter than the neck pup and I noticed it [normally quiet] was noisy too though not as noisy as the R9 so I started suspecting the amp. And let's see, the BBs in the R9 are hotter yet than the 57 Classics right? Not sure how the Carvin HBs I have compare to Gibson HBs in hotness. Hotter HB pup more sensitive to noise?


Since I don't have a schematic for the amp, I can't tell you which part of the circuit the bad preamp tube was from. I'll check with Krank on that.


Lesson learned . . . except for why the position of the neck relative to the guitar body affected the noise so much?


Horizontal fine, more vertical = NOISE!


All guitars were that way though. No doubt some kind of antennae effect.



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