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Is It Up To Us?


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I'm finally taking a Music Theory class. It's a small class with a couple guit tars and a saxophone player and a trumpet.


I've got this thing somewhat figured out. and it is really starting to congeal, the minor and Major chords, etc. I'm now starting to play some lead.





When we decided that the wrong chord has been selected and the teach says, "Well, what do you think is the correct one?"


The other musicians get this 1000 yard stare:-s , then look to us guit tar pickers... we usually have an answer. I've come to the conclusion that other instrumentalist, the one note wonders, look to the guit tarist when determining the chord to play at a given point.


Is it just me or is it, in fact, UP TO US?

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I took a music theory class in college, (I think Lincoln was in my class), and it really helped me to understand why certain chords are preferred, and their construction.


I taught myself to play piano using that knowledge and what I already knew on the guitar. I have good knowledge, and can keep up with most on chording.... wish like heck I could play better lead!



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