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Les Paul Standard - Les Paul Standard (Premium - Plus?)


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Hey guys, i just wanna ask a quick and really noob question..

here we go....


i'm in ebay checking out the les pauls (what else...)


and i've seen that some les pauls have different headstock tuners than the others (vintage style and stainless steel)...


I have noticed another thing though.. between these two auctions..






[biggrin]AUCTION B



DOES AUCTION A's (which I believe this guitar is a premium plus les paul) headstock larger than AUCTION B'S headstock (which is a standard one) or am I just stupid? (ok, be gentle here ;p )



Thanks! [biggrin]

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A is not a Premium Plus. It's a standard. The headstocks are identical too. Also, the ad in B is bit misleading. They didn't make AAA Standards in '09. Only the reissues have them. That being said it does certainly look like it would qualify for a AAA top though. Sometimes you get lucky...

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You really can't go wrong with either one. Have you played one with an asymmetrical neck? Some people love them some don't...

the best neck i ever playd on.this guitar i like better and better.had some trouble with the nut,but the big bens nut sauce fixed that problem.

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Auction A is the Pre-2008 model Standard. It's still made in 2008 but just the previous model i.e. no Locking Tuners/Bridge/Tailpiece/Jack Socket.


Auction B is the new Standard with all the locking gubbins, the Bourns pots and Asymmetrical Neck.


Both legit models, just the previous and current models.


Both have AA Maple Tops. Gibson use the slightly better looking 'Plus' tops for the translucent bursts. And the 'Plain' tops for the solid Ebony & Goldtop colours so they can get away with using the shittier looking maple whilst saving the better looking stuff for the tops you actually see.


Words from Gibsons website... "Ever since the introduction of the Les Paul—and especially the models from Gibson 'Golden Era' of the late 1950s and early 1960s—one of its most distinguishing features has been the unique, highly distinct patterns of the flame maple top. The “Plus” maple caps on the 2008 Les Paul Standards emulate the tops of the Les Pauls from yesteryear (Ebony and Goldtop models are fitted with “Plain” maple tops)"


Personally, I'm a fan of the new ones. Auction B for this kid.

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