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What was your first amp?

Andre S

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Some huge combo with what I think is an 15" speaker or something like that. I've forgotten the brand. Had three inputs: Guitar, Bass, and Microphone. Just one at a time though. Just Bass, Treble, and Volume for controls. I think it was supposed to be more of a PA type amp.. It had no distortion or anything. I used it for a long time, because it actually sounded pretty cool. First couple of years of playing I just plugged straight into it, no pedals or anything, and played everything with that fully clean sound. All I ever played at that point was AC/DC and old stuff like Chuck Berry songs, so it sort of worked that way. Then when I got into heavier stuff I got an Ibanez distortion pedal that I've forgotten (not the tube screamer, it had more distortion than that) and it worked ok with the amp.


Eventually it got replaced with some Marshall solid state combo, which model is long forgotten. It was damn loud though, as I recall. Then eventually I got my first Mesa/Boogie rig and it's been Mesa ever since.


I still have that first amp though. I should bring it out someday and play it a bit for old times sake.

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Back in about 1968 I borrowed my first real amp:-


JTM100 Super PA into a 1982 model 4x12 - both dating from '66 or '67.

They belonged to a very good friend who let me use them for a few years

after he got tired of hearing me plugged in to a Bush record player.....


.....boy I wish I still had that rig (no - NOT the record player !).

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My first "Amp" was my Portable Stereo (aka Ghetto Blaster) that happened to have a 1/4 inch Mic Jack. That and a TS-10 as a pre-amp was it for almost a year.


My first Real Amp was this Fender Deluxe 85' date=' and I still Have It! A little Road Worn, but the Dirty side still works great.



Pardon the Déjà Vu.

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