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What in the Hell??!!


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Aaaah MisterGibs - you found the PURRRRFECT word to describe it.....


Far as I know "kitsch" is of Germanic deriviation and suggests inferior and tastless copies of artistically

worthier things. It also suggests things aimed at supplying popular demand for commercial gain rather

than self expression, and are thus shallow and pretentious with little aesthetic appeal.


The word apparently cannot be traced back any further than Munich in the latter part of the 1800's,

where it was used to describe the crass tastes of the bourgeoisie.


Plus ça change (plus c'est la même chose).....


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Good one Jaxson [cool] at least if one buys this guitar' date=' there is no need to go down to the crossroad to make that deal. :-k [/quote']

Why did the birdDude cross the road?





























I don't know. I have the flu and am drugged up on flu meds. You'll have to come up with an answer yerself :-k


That being said, I just cannot relate the devil with acoustic guitars. Electric guitars, okay. But acoustic? No. It doesn't jive. Acoustic is folky, happy, feel-good stuff. Or knee-slappin' toe-tappin' yippee-yahoo-ing stuff, or mind-blowing, did-you-see-how-fast-his-fingers-moved stuff. Acoustic does a whole lotta stuff, but in my mind it doesn't do evil stuff. =P~

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