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Really fast strumming


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Does anyone have any tricks or exercises they could recommend to become a faster strummer? No matter how hard I play, I simply cannot play as fast as, say, Lennon playing rhythm on "All My Loving" or as Towsend does on parts of "Pinball Wizard"; I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. It's one thing in guitar playing (well, a big one of many) that I can't seem to master.


Any suggestions to build speed?


Thanks in advance to anyone for their kind advice!

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Get a metronome and use it every day. Be patient' date=' you won't turn into Joe Satriani over night.[/quote']


Yeah, Joe Satriani didn't even turn into Joe Satriani over night. It took him years of practice to be as good as Joe Satriani.


Of course, Axe's advice wouldn't hurt either. Although it might not make you a faster strummer...[cool]

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I play in a celtic band. We do upbeat kinda stuff like Flogging Molly, but all acoustic. I spend 3 solid hours a night strumming as fast as I possibly can. It took a while to get used to, obviously. Stamina is a lot of it, and there is no substitute for practice. But here's a few tips:


1. Strum light. The more the pick digs into the strings, the slower you go and the more effort it requires.

2. Use a light pick. I like .60mm Snarling Dogs or Dunlop Nylons. (Of course, lots of folks do this with heavier picks)

3. Don't get hung up on the heavy strings. Keep your strumming aimed up top (bottom?) on the lighter strings, D-G-B-e.

4. Stand. It's almost impossible to do this kind of strumming while sitting.

5. Try different strap lengths. I find it really hard to strum fast with my guitar too low.

6. And as said earlier, it is 90% wrist.

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