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Does this guitar look okay to you? J-200 content.

wonderful remark

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I am looking at a J-200 at the moment,

I've never bought a guitar that's more expensive than $1K on ebay before.


I could use your opinion please!! and thank you!



#1 97' J200




#2 unknown built year/ SJ-200


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Nice looking j200. Good luck on getting it. The pickguard has been an issue for several years. The flowers have a tendency to disappear,once they get played. Gibson sent me a new one, but I never replaced it. I wouldn't let that stop you from buying it though.

It's a looker for sure!! Nice flame.

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The one in Naperville looks pretty good. I think it's an early 2000s, since it looks as if the serial number starts with a "0" (as near as I can tell). The fingerboard and bridge look to be Madagascar r/w. Similar to mine, which is a 2001. I could be off on the date, as I just can't quite make out the serial #.


With the Fishman Ellipse, that's a pretty sweet price. Better check and see that you're satisfied that the guitar has no issues.



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