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I would like to buy a prewar Epiphone emperor 1930;s to 1945 or


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hello all. If I buy a jazz box, I would like to buy a 30's or early 40's epiphone emperor, blonde preferred but I would take a sunburst. gruhn had one and I asked 2 questions and someone else bought it, a non player I understand. "You snooze you lose"


If anyone sees one or knows of one could you please let me know.

I was also looking at a 30's or 40's epiphone deluxe if I can't find an emperor. I can't believe I did not buy it. It was a blonde 1943 Emperorat gruhns.


Thank-you all.



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One of the guitars in my stable of intruments is a 1936 Epiphone Zenith. The thing is awesome to play with an acoustic EQ unlike any current instruments. With it being made for big band or orchestral playing, if I play it at the Acoustic Music Jam that I run up in Chicago's northern suburbs, acoustic lead guitar work on it can easily cut through numerous flat top guitars or mandolins all playin' at the jam. A true acoustic archtop with sound just bouncing off the top of it. However, despite its great qualities and looks, realistically despite its great attributes I do find as a player it is a lot more limited as an instrument than a flat top top guitar. ie. While the Epiphone Zenith's acoustic archtop's mid-range EQ can awesome, cutting, and effectively loud...on the flip-side it really doesn't have the capability of an acoustic flat-top guitar's versalility which can reach the wider musical scope of upper, medium, and lower sound ranges, so it can be musically limiting at times.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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