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I'm getting a new one tomorrow...


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Since I have no money left for another 6-string(actually I don't need one anymore, I've had enough, only got 2 hands...) but she hadn't got a bed to sleep in and rest, so far...




I'm buying her tomorrow this:




Favino type guitar case

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Damn, I was hoping to get her the case today, I drove 100 km to my luthier's shop and what I thought what was going to happen, ...happened. The guitar case was too small for my Dell'Arte guitar. I told him before it was a Favino-type body and not the smaller seize Selmer-body so as a result of this stupidity I'll have to wait another 1-6 months...


So my advice to everyone: if you buy a guitar case for a Manouche jazz guitar, be ware of the body seize 'cause there are huge differences among these type of guitars!

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