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The Great American Guitar Show


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I had the opportunity to attend the The Great American Guitar Show this weekend in Philadelphia. Some members from MLP hosted a booth to display members guitars. What a great time and some really amazing guitars.

We need to put together a forum meet in Phoenix over the winter. Give some of our snow stricken brothers (and sisters) a chance to come and thaw out. If we get enough people interested, we could possibly put together a big jam.

Who would be interested?

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I meant to go to the Philly show but forgot about it. I've gone in the past and it's a really good time.

My son and I went to the show in Somerset (Garden State Exhibition Center) about 2 years ago. Place was packed with people and great equipment. Busier than I'd ever seen it (been there for Model train/sports/computer shows).

Maybe Brookdale Community College in February.. We'll see.

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