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Billy Idol has a new live DVD coming out


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Billy Idol is coming out with a new DVD “Super Overdrive” Live!! It’s from his July broadcast that was filmed in Congress Theater! This is going to be epic! He’s teamed back up with old guitarist Steve Stevens!! Those of you who don’t know Stevens played and co-wrote some of the songs off all the 80’s hits!! It has all his classic songs! And that sneer! Who could forget that sneer!? The man is timeless and I’m pretty sure his abs are made of gold!!!! There are a couple of videos on Youtube from the show and the quality looks amazing! http://bit.ly/29Wv1X What do you think? Rebel yell anyone!?

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I thought he was dead.



+1 . . . like back in about 1990 or something? [biggrin]


Or' date=' come to think of it, he killed a damn nice Harley and he survived as I recall.


Be anxious to hear his two hits again, and live no doubt. Now, I'm just being plain mean, huh?


I apologize ahead of time for the content of this post! [lol

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Steve Stevens made Billy Idol what he was.


Tasty guitar chops are the thing that made me listen starting in the early 80's.

Cool voice, good stage presence, but without Stevens he was doing synth-pop bubble gum sh!t.


Glad to see they're together again.


I bought his last album Devil's Playground simply because I liked the song Scream.

- or Rebel Yell II as it were...


It was a damned good tune in my opinion, even if it wasn't exactly groundbreaking.



Come to think of it, I always like Eyes Without A Face too, though I shouldn't have.

All the synths, electronic drums, crooning verses, ugh!


Then that big guitar riff comes in to finish out the song with a cool power chord run....

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I thought he was dead.


I was hoping.


This is a guy who hated Rock music. He and his Generation X buddies would seek out and try and beat up

any person who flew the "Rock Flag"

Then Punk died out and Billy jumped onto the Rock bandwagon.


Hes a hack, and if it werent for Steve Stevens hed be a nobody.


Am I bitter? lol

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