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I've been cleaning out my dads house since he was in an accident and might not ever get to live home again.


Now my dad is a real packrat and has countless antiques and collectibles. He's been an antiques dealer both full and part time since the 60s. Well today I decided to remove a bunch of stuff off an old stereo/record player that I remember being in the house since I was a baby. It's an old Montgomery Wards Airline stereo and still has the tag from the store.

Look what was still loaded on the turntable! I wondered what ever happened to this album!





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Thanks guys.


I'm going to get over there tomorrow and see if the thing still works. Some of the other albums inside were Staying Alive and Babara Streisand.


You guys would not believe the amount of stuff I have to go through. I guess I have to start selling his stuff to pay medical bills. Might even end up having to give up the house? There's 3 garages, a makeshift awning, a covered front porch, a two story house and several vehicles all crammed with stuff. Some good, some junk.


A small sample of old things he has: car parts, electronics, pictues, records, baseball cards, stamps, coins, jewelery, books, magazines, posters, signs, china, furniture, a wooden phone booth, 1930s carousel horse, phones, train sets, memerabilia of almost every kind.


I'm going to rent a dumpster and get rid of as much "junk" as possible, although one dumpster probably won't be enough. If he ever gets back home he's gonna flip :-

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Wally - You pinpointed the adapter that lets you play 45's on the changer.


Its times like these I'm glad my mom was an antique dealer, LMAO!



Sorry to hear about your dad, saturn.

Hang in there, hope your pops gets better soon.

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Went through the same process with my grandma's house this past summer. She moved into assisted living after living alone since 2003 with worsening Alzheimers, and the house pretty much hadn't been cleaned in decades. We filled two 50 foot dumpsters until they were overflowing, and half of a smaller one with the junk we cleaned out of that house. There were 2 stereo consoles much like this one, though they were solid state and the turntables spun way too fast even on 78 speed (found my dad's Highway to Hell LP, might as well have been "The Chipmunks Sing AC/DC"). They wouldnt exactly fit down the stairs with their size and weight, so I smashed them to pieces with a hammer to bring them out. God that was fun...

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