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I've been thinking lately about what guitar is the most Iconic in terms of its association with one artist. I mean if you were to show a picture of this instrument to the average Joe on the street, he would be able to identify the guy that played it. This is the key could your aunt, cousin or neighbor place the guitar you would choose with its famous player.


After carefull consideration I have to say the Hofner Violin Bass/ Paul Mccartney is number one.


I think he is the one guy that people match with that one guitar.


Others that I think deserve some consideration;


Angus Young/SG

John Lennon/325 rick

Roger Mcguinn/12 st rick

Jimi Hendrix/ Strat


The les paul was difficult because so many great players played em........... your thoughts are welcome.

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It is quite difficult thing to do actually. Even for the players / guitars that you mention, I already have a couple of objections - although they are not really objections, just the players that come into MY mind when thinking about those guitars:


Gibson SG - Tony Iommi

Fender Strat - Richie Blackmore (although others would definitely say: SRV)


As far as the Les Paul is concerned, a Tobacco Sunburst would certainly bring to mind Slash and a Bullseye: Zakk Wylde.



One truly special / remarkable guitar is the square-shaped Bo Diddley Gretch.

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Jack White and that clunky Airline guitar.


Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore - Fender Jazzmasters. Lee specifically since he put Tele Deluxe humbuckers in his, aka the Jazzblaster.


Kevin Shields and Nels Cline are two other Jazzmaster players.

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The problem with the Les Paul is so many popular musicians have played one that you could get many different answers. The same holds true for the strat and to a lesser extent the SG but what I'm saying is that if you showed a picture of a Hofner violin bass it could only be associated with one musician.


now BB king / lucille is a worthy choice.


But i'm sorry evol, the average person couldn't even pick out a jazzmaster let alone name someone that played one.

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Whats up with the insult? You're gonna call me a name because I don't think the average person (not guitar player mind you) would know what a Jazzmaster was. [confused]


Relax, it's a joke. Sorry, sometimes I forget that humor does not always translate on the internets.

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000 shaped Martin: Eric Clapton

Black Fender Strat Maple board: Eric Clapton

Sg/V Hybrid thing: Zakk Wylde



Here's the test. If I went over to my neighbor and showed him a picture of the SG Hybrid thing would he say "Hey Zak Wylde played that." Mind you he plays no instrument in fact his only music connection is the car stereo to and from work.


Maybe but prolly not.

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the only ones I can think of have already been mentioned:


Slash: les paul

Zakk Wylde: les paul (bullseye only)

Angus: SG

Tommy: SG



The rest of them are not really known by the average joe. Ask anyone n the street who jmmy page is and most of them won't know.


Tommy who?

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