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Any body using the Angus Young pickup?

Ronnie Robinson

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had it in a epiphone sg g 400.i really liked it.my nephew has it now,but i want it back when he upgrade with a new guitar in the future.this is swearing in the church,but i liked the epiphone sg g400 with the Angus pickup better than the Gibson faded special i bought later.have bought a Gibson sg 61 to.in my Gibson sg 61 i have now bare knuckle pickups Steve Stevens,love it.the 57 are wonderful,just wanted to try the bare knuckle pickups.i really like this Steve Stevens pickup

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Hello Ronnie!


I own an Angus SG, the one with the Maestro and it´s got the Angus PU in the bridge position. For this guitar it´s an excellent choice. To my ears it´s somewhere between a 57 classic and a P 90 soundwise. It´s a bit louder and more brilliant then the 57. And it´s the right choice if you like Angus´s sound or anything like it of course.


To me it´s a great pickup, that combines a slightly higher output with the 57 classic sound and tonal character.


Maybe it´s important to know that I´m an absolute 57 classic and P 90 fan.


As far as I remember Gibson used to have a youtube link on their SG pages, leading to a video where a guy compares an original old SG to a new one equipped with the Angus pickup. It´s worth looking for it. On the Gibson site or directly via youtube.


I hope it works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OmmSmCSRcA&feature=PlayList&p=AE89EA57DEDF0C51&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=1


Last not least, my answer to your question. If I had a 57 classic in my guitar, I wouldn´t spend money to get an Angus PU. They´re both excellent and the difference wouldn´t be worth the extra money for me. But if you are looking for an excellent pickup for an SG for example, that´s equipped with a 498T for example, then the Angus pickup could be an option an should be on your list.




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