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Over, or Under?


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Over the top. If it was intended that the end hang from the bottom' date=' then they would print the little flowers on the inside surface.[/quote']


Bows before your wisdom O.O

...and this whole time I thought it was a choice xD

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Paper sits on it's side on the "tank". We've got a cat who'll sit there and unroll the entire roll of paper if it's in the holder!


Back when I was in Uni I had to take care of my friends kitten as he had to go abroad for work. To make a long story short, the kitten just didn't feel like sleeping at all. It kept running around in my room as I was trying to sleep, and after a while I got tired of it. With just one room I had no where to put him besides the toilet, so I locked him in there over night. Bad idea. He still didn't want to sleep so he spent the night tearing 3 rolls of paper into confetti.


Crafty kitten. I was not pleased.



Oh, and over the roll. Anything else is just wrong, pretty much like communism.

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