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TV Jones Classic pick-ups? Good choice?


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Anyone who plays/played through these pick-ups? I'm planning to replace my DynaSonic single-coils on my Gretsch 6131 TDS by these TV Jones Classics 'cause these dual-coils produce an awesome sound as you may state yourself..

Any advice is more than welcome!



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Hi kris


I love them. They are on my Grestch Brian Setzer. The bridge pick up can produce shattering glass like tones, while the mid and Neck pick up just has some really nice more mid range twang.


If you don't mind the clip, here is the Gretsch in action at our open mic a few years back. I use all three pick up selector tones in this clip.





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There is so much ambient sound in that room I can't tell what the hell those pick ups sound like....


The room seemed to small to me for a high quality recording, but apart of that, the sound is amazing, considering there was no effect pedal around.

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