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Les Paul Custom : Very underrated Jazz guitar


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I have owned in my lifetime many hollowbodies including an es-175 and es-137 and a Guild Jazz box.... But as far as the nicest softest warmest jazz tone... My 1999 les paul custom is still the winner ?? The tone I get out of the neck pickup is just unbeatable...


But all my jazz guitarists friends and colleauges never use a les paul... I just don't get it...


I will say this though... The tone I get out of this custom is better than any other Gibson les paul I have owned... The other les pauls I owned was a 1973 Deluxe w/PAFs, 1979 standard, and a recent zebrawood standard....


Oh and I still own the ES-137... That's a great guitar also...

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Maybe many hortodox jazz players prefer jazz boxes, archtops an so on, non only for their sound itself but also for their comfort, balancement and playability when sitting down.

Nonetheless, you're right: almost all Les Pauls has always been great sounding jazz guitars..

...and I do love my R7 :

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