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54 goldtop re-issue questions


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i'm considering buying a 2000 54 re-issue gold top...price is $2500.


Can anyone tell me if this guitar is a VOS or a Historic, and what if any would be the difference?


Is there a difference in value?


Although the guitar is in great condition, it does not have the Cert of Auth....is this an important consideration when considering the price and potential resale value?


many many thanks


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Price seems a bit high to me. '54 reissues (R4) aren't exactly a dime-a-dozen but they're worth the same as an R6 or R7. Some people are really hurtin' for money right now and I've seen R7s & R8s sell for under $2,000.


This 2000 is a historic reissue. VOS just means the aged finish on the guitar. They started calling it VOS in 2006. Basically, the same guitar with minor differences.


Not really.


Gibson first started offering COAs in 2000 or 2001. This one may have not had a COA to begin with. Is the COA important to potential resale? Well, is it important to you?

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