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I hate the time difference...

Hector Arcadius

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Everybody's on line when I'm sleeping and everybody's sleeping when I have the time to surf the Lounge (that's when I'm at work of course...). Hate that one! I always miss the good stuff and find out hours later...


Other Europeans must share those feelings...


Yep' date=' we should change our jobs to some "night-guards" [biggrin



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I dont feel bad for you guys' date=' because I am brimming with jealousy of dave-in-spain's page doubleneck



[confused] Best buy I ever made... I think the dollar was at an all time low, like $1.70 to 1 euro plus I bought it from a ebay dealer who had it new in the box. My winning bid was $1000 cheaper than what Guitar Center sold them for.... So all in all I got it for just a little more than what a regular EDS 1275 sells for.... #-o

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