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Keeping jacks and plugs corrosion free - product recommendation (not spam)


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I live in Florida, and am playing once a week near a salt water lagoon.


This usually spells connection problems, especially on the phone jacks and plugs.


However for years I have been using two products (available at Radio Shack and other outlets).


Caig DeOxit and Caig Pro Gold


DeOxit is the best connection cleaner I have found. Even badly corroded connectors can be brought back to life with this.


The ProGold is a contact enhancer and when applied, the connectors resist corroding.


Whenever I get that static when the guitar cord wiggles, I simply clean with DeOxit and apply some Pro Gold and the noise goes away.


Just thought I'd share this with you.


I have no connection with the Caig company and receive no benefits from the sale of their products or by posting this.


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I live a half a block from the beach at the Jersey shore and, oddly enough, haven't had any issues with corrosion (and that's with having salt lightly coating my car on particularly wet and windy days). I've been there nearly a year and a half and my gear seems to be holding up well but I was certainly concerned when I moved there. Maybe I've been lucky since I keep my guitars in cases and my pedals and cables in boxes. However, thanks for the tip as I'm sure (shore?) that eventually there are going to be problems.

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<...> However' date=' thanks for the tip as I'm sure (shore?) that eventually there are going to be problems. [/quote']


You're welcome.


You might use it to prevent the problem. I find that if I remember to coat all the jacks on the guitar, mics, sound modules, speakers, and everything else about twice a year, I seldom have a problem. The trouble is remembering the last time I did it (I know I could write it down, but then I'd misplace the note).


BTW, I live 300' from the east coast of the mainland of FL, to the east of that is a 2 mile wide lagoon, then a 1/4 mile wide barrier island, and then the Atlantic Ocean. I don't have a problem in my house, but those outdoor gigs near the water can cause the biggest problems. For that reason, I don't do gigs too close to the ocean itself. It's more than a guitar, it's a sax, flute, PA set, synth and other electronics that I don't want covered in the salt spray.



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