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Getting rid off my Bill Lawrence circuit board pickups...


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Right,...I've decided I don't like these Bill Lawrence circuit board pickups that came with my secondhand '90 Standandard.


I'm in the market for a new pair. I'd greatly appreciate all ya'lls advice, thoughts & comments. I tend to play clean or a dirty for classic rock. No Shred Metal though!!!!!!!


My first reaction is to go for a used set of PAF Burstbuckers, #1 and #2, taken out of a Historic 57 LP reissue...


I've head that they are far better than the Burstbucker Pros used on recent Standard LP's.


I've also played an LP w/ the Bare Knuckles, but not sure what type of Humbucker they were. They sell about 10 different kinds and guy in the store didn't know which this guitar had.....


Here is there link for those of you who are interested http://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/


Would appreciate some input..... :-k

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My fave pickup combo for a Les Paul is the Duncan JB/59n pair.

I have these in a Standard and that guitar is my reference point for tone.

When I go test an amp, I take that guitar. When I'm recording, I bring her to the session.


I was underwhelmed by the Burstbuckers when they were first introduced, but I really like the Burstbucker Pros.

My Goldtop has them, and they are great for lower gain applications. This is my main guitar for the Thin Lizzy cover band.


Bare Knuckles have some interesting choices, but they don't come cheap... I'm a bit hesitant to buy a set without hearing them first.


A friend of mine has a set of Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups in an R7, and that's one good sounding guitar!

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The Burstbucker 1 and 2 in my R7 sound really phat. I love them. I had the opposite experience to Sancho and was underwhelmed with the Burstbucker Pros in my Standard. Each to their own!


I hear Bare Knuckle Mules are good too. I played a PRS with a set once and it sounded very sweet. Over priced in my opinion.

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